Even After..

She wasn’t very sure of what she wanted to do. But she knew what she didn’t want to. Life had thrown her enough curve balls. And she knew that everything in this world is transient. She had seen her own parents madly in love and then suddenly go through a bitter divorce. Maybe this was what was keeping her from accepting his proposal…

It’s not that she didn’t love him. She did. More than she could express. Sometimes scared to show her vulnerability, sometimes too shy to tell him that he was the one person she would never let go, the one person she would never forget, the one person she would give her all to see him happy and smile that genuine, beautiful smile of his.

Words in any case aren’t enough, not enough to express when you are so full of emotions, so full of affection that you are always seeking ways to comfort and bring joy to the person you love.

So she kept on loving him. Even after he left her. Even after he found love with someone else. Even after he married someone else. Even after two decades.



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