Down With Flu


This week has been slow. I ended up with Flu. I was fine on Sunday(We work on Sundays in the Gulf). Got to my office and SNEEZE!!! I got a sneeze attack. All I could manage to do once in office was sneeze away. So much that when I went to my boss asking for a half day, he didn’t even question.

So the single girl that I am, with my friends at work and no bae to fetch me soup, this is what I did…

Sunday was spent at the doctor’s. AND doing this once home..IMAG1485_1[1]

Sometimes a fashion magazine, some dark chocolate and some beauty stuff to pamper yourself is all you need to feel better (PLUS the PILLS)!

I slept through most of Monday…saw a few epis of Quantico and then took myself out for an early dinner. I went to Dome in Burjuman.

Their Chilly Cheese Toasts and Waffles are to die for. What I love about Dome is that it is perfect when going solo. It has so many magazines there which you can go through while you wait for your order and provides a sanctuary of sorts with its private, cozy atmosphere.

Got home, saw Clueless, guess that was the state I was in.

Come morning, I woke up at 10:45, checked Vox Cinemas movie timings and dashed out of the doors within five minutes. The movie was at 11. Saw Now You See Me 2. It was nice. Though the Aircon in the hall almost made me shiver. It was Arctic in there.

Went to Paul’s for soup. I love Paul’s. The ambience, the food, everything. Unfortunately this time around, there was too much salt in the soup. But it was delicious.



Got home. Ran myself a bath and stayed in it for a bit too long. Rest of the day was spent relaxing at home and sipping almond milk. A sick kid needs rest 🙂




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