Weekend full of Carbs, Music & Movies

My weekends are usually full of sin. Well my kinda sin (equals to really large potions of high cal food). Its an every week affair. The whole week long or maybe 3-4 days out of five I stay good, eat healthy, do portion control and throw in some exercise here and there but come weekend and am gone. Then am in my Lala Land where nobody understands the terms healthy/moderation OR diet!

And this weekend as others over the past two and half years was no different. On Thursday I met up with a friend who was in the city for work (She shifted to Muscat last year). We went to Kris Kros on Sheikh Rashid Boulevard for an early dinner considering both of us have our office right there.

The food was fab. I had a Chicken Burrito, Steamed Vegetables with a Diet Coke and she went for a Falafel Platter, Dynamite Shrimps and a Mint Lemonade. We skipped dessert as we were already way too stuffed.

I got home, finished reading The Great Gatsby and got glued to Youtube. I now have these two on loop, Work From Home(Fifth Harmony) and Toothbrush(DNCE).


Friday was a lazy affair. Woke up late, made myself baked eggs with cheese for breakfast, fell asleep again. Woke up in the evening, met my friend at Osteria for dinner. I love the food there. We had a Four Cheese Pizza, Rustic Chicken and Shrimp Pasta, Bruschetta, Italian Nachos and chocolate cake for dessert. Too much food I tell you.
BeFunky Collage


downloadAnd then we hit the multiplex for Central Intelligence. The movie was funny but could have been better. Though it is worth a watch.


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