My Life In Ruins…LOL

Okay, haven’t written in  a while…well the last two months have been rough. I got admission in an American university for MBA, got acceptance letter  on June 29th, 2016 and was supposed to be there by August 18th, 2016. Had to run around for getting a loan…which took eons(mainly because you have to produce tonnes of paper as proof). Finally went for my visa appointment on August 15th, 2016. VISA DECLINED!!! The lady just asked me how long have you been in UAE, where do you work and whom do you stay with? And BAM! Visa declined!

Well all ain’t lost as I have got a deferral from the university for their batch starting next year. Not something I wanted but then, something’s better than nothing.

So now am stuck here. Well TBH, I quite like Dubai, it’s just that I wanted to get over with my course so bad. And that has got postponed…

Meanwhile, I have gained 2.5 Kgs eating junk and mountains upon mountains of ice cream. I haven’t been mourning the whole mess but maybe somewhere deep inside am not too happy and that has led to this binge eating.

However, not a very healthy thing to do and I gotta put a stop to this. And till I stop, lemme enjoy my Mochaccino (with ICE CREAM).



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